Shroud claims NoPixel rules “all over the place” after xQc’s third GTA RP ban

Shorud xQc No Pixel GTA RP BanTwitter: xQc / Twitch: Shroud

Mike ‘Shroud’ Grzesiek shared his thoughts on Felix ‘xQc’ Lengyel’s third GTA RP ban, and although he sympathized with both sides, he admitted the rules on the NoPixel server are “all over the place.”

Just when it looked like xQc was turning a new leaf on the NoPixel GTA RP server after two previous bans, he was banned again.

It happened shortly after he copped a jail sentence he disagreed with and allegedly encouraged chat hoppers to invade other Twitch streamers, although an official reason hasn’t been given.

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Shroud commented on the situation, and although he urged xQc and other players to respect the rules, he admitted the rules on the server have always been inconsistent and “all over the place.” 

xQc has been banned from the NoPixel GTA RP server three times now.

Like everyone else, Shroud doesn’t know the reason why xQc was banned. However, he believes it’s hard to get banned once, let alone three times, and jokingly implied xQc could have been purposefully seeking it for the drama.

“I mean, sh*t, it’s hard to get banned,” he said. “You have to try to get banned from that sh*t. You really do. To get banned from NoPixel? Come on. You have to actively try to get banned.”

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However, after deliberating over it for a few minutes, he softened his stance and defended xQc. He turned his attention to the inconsistent rules on the server. “I’ve always thought that the rules on NoPixel were always all over the place.”

“It could have easily been a case of, ‘we’ll ban this person for this, but someone else did it, and we won’t ban them.’ It could have been something like that because I feel like NoPixel is so large [and] there is some bias.”

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In the end, though, the discussion came full circle. He wrapped things up by saying, “At the end of the day, you do have to remember that this is all like its own privately done thing. You, no matter what, have to be respectful, right?”

“I don’t play on a community server and start talking sh*t to the admins. If you do that, you should be done permanently. I’m not saying that happened. But if it did, and that resulted in a permanent ban, then it would make sense. You can’t argue that.”

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“Accept the fact that it’s their space, that is their realm, that is their creation, that is their rules. Whatever. Just respect them.”

Either way, the fact xQc has been banned three times now is a sign that something isn’t working out, regardless of whether it’s his fault, other people’s fault, or a combination of them both.

It will be interesting to see what happens next and whether the drama will continue if he returns to the server.

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