Woman throws puppy at stranger in disturbing video encounter

Bill Cooney
Woman tosses dog

Video footage of a woman throwing a small puppy at a random person in the middle of the street has gone viral on Twitter. Thankfully the dog is fine, but it’s still a wild and scary clip.

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Obviously, no one with a sound mind goes looking for videos like this, but with the tweet racking up close to 120,000 likes and 20,000 retweets, plenty of us were exposed to it.

In the clip, a woman who appears to be intoxicated on something begins a bizarre and racist tirade against a random passerby, who unsurprisingly starts filming the strange situation playing out in front of him.

The adorable little puppy hanging out in the lady’s arms looks completely lost, as it definitely doesn’t seem like the person holding it is actually its owner, based on what happens towards the end of the encounter.


After talking nonsense at the person filming and even kicking him, she decides to throw the poor creature at him after being asked again if it was her dog.

The pup starts crying and runs to the person who didn’t just throw it in the middle of the street, before the guy picks it up to prevent the woman, who obviously should be nowhere near animals, got hold of it again.

“Whoa, back up, this is not your f***ing dog, I got video of everything,” he told her, before she once again tried to get physical with him. The good news is that it doesn’t seem like she got the dog back, and it’s now safe with some new owners.

This poor pup being tossed wasn’t even the only dog-related viral tweet to pop up on Twitter over the weekend. Another tweet playing off the popular ‘how it started, how it’s going’ format featuring a girl and her pitbull as a puppy vs. it fully grown got roughly 600,000 likes, but a fair amount of pushback as well.

One of the biggest reasons was because the dog appears to have had its ears clipped, which is done by some people while still a puppy to “improve the appearance” of certain breeds, according to those who support it. Obviously, others have a problem with the practice as there’s no real need for it beyond appearances. and it’s one of the most divisive issues among pitbull owners.


At least here the dog seems to have a loving owner and appears to be very well taken care of, ear clipping aside. Which was definitely not the case in the first scenario.

Man’s best friends are certainly a popular subject on social media, but no one wants to see one getting thrown around, even if there was a happy ending waiting for the pup after all that trauma.

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