Woman accused of “animal abuse” after dying dog’s fur to look like the Grinch


A TikToker has come under fire for having her Schnauzer dyed green and made to look like The Grinch, with some viewers calling it “animal abuse.”

With the holiday season fast approaching, TikTok has quickly gotten into the festive mood with a wide range of holiday content already going viral on the short-form video platform. 

Some viewers have already started uploading videos of the light shows that they’ve decorated their homes with, while others have fallen in love with a Christmas tree that comes pre-built with everything but the tree topper. TikTok is basically just missing snow and automated carols at this point.

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One TikToker in particular, MondayGray, though has taken things up a notch. She’s gone viral for having her dog groomer dye her white Schnauzer green, just like The Grinch, and some users can’t quite believe it. 

TikTok dog turned into The Grinch and viewers are split

That’s right, the TikToker has racked up over 8.4 million views at the time of writing on just one post alone by dying her dog green. Well, green and red. The Grinch has to have a jumper, of course.

Ashley was pretty pleased by the transformation herself, saying that the dog groomer had ‘slayed’ the festive makeover, however, some viewers didn’t share the same sentiment and quickly criticized her. 

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“Kinda looks like animal abuse to me, IDK,” commented one less-than-impressed viewer. “I feel bad, he or she looks so sad,” added another. “Poor thing, looks like he don’t like it,” commented another. 

Some viewers claimed that the negative comments were a little too “dramatic” and that the dye is pet friendly – which, it turns out, is correct. “He’s at the groomers and I’m sure he’s not too happy about it,” another added.

The TikToker has uploaded a few more videos of the dog following the transformation, and it seems pretty pleased. It’s gone viral after all, so they probably deserve a few treats and a hearty pet.

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