Why is #StopJayStation trending on Twitter? KEEMSTAR & more react

Virginia Glaze

Although YouTuber “ImJayStation” is widely known for his controversial videos, a January 2020 upload is sending the internet into a rage, after he claimed that his girlfriend had died in a car accident.

JayStation has a history of problematic content, sparking backlash almost like clockwork after the deaths of major celebrity figures or online entertainers.

Boasting videos like “Etika Ouija Board Challenge at 3 AM (Gone Wrong)” and “MAC MILLER SPIRIT BOX CHALLENGE AT 3AM,” the YouTuber falsifies conversations with the recently deceased as a means to capitalize on the attention surrounding their (often tragic) deaths.

However, a recent upload from the YouTuber, who currently boasts over 5 million subscribers, has spurred outrage across the internet, after he claimed his girlfriend Alexia had been struck by a drunk driver during a night on the road.

In wake of the backlash, one major YouTuber is making it his business to stop JayStation’s antics once and for all: Drama Alert’s Daniel “KEEMSTAR” Keem, who urged fans to spread the hashtag “StopJayStation” across social media.

Mere hours later, the hashtag has spread like wildfire across Twitter in the United States, with critics begging YouTube to take action against the divisive star.

“Friendly reminder that this chump made this disrespectful trash,” one user wrote, attaching a photo of JayStation’s video “calling” YouTuber Desmond “Etika” Amofah shortly after news of his passing was released.

“…he is a despicable liar who will cause YouTubers even more issues if he isn’t checked now,” YouTuber Mr. Speakeasy chimed in. “He has no morals, no ethics, and his behavior of profiteering off people’s deaths with ‘Ouija Board’ videos is repugnant.”


JayStation has since responded to KEEMSTAR’s video on the subject, arguing that he doesn’t profit from celebrities’ deaths and had even donated money made from his Etika upload to the late YouTuber’s family.

JayStation even went on to challenge KEEMSTAR to a boxing match, releasing a new hashtag in hopes of settling things by force: #FightJayStation.

“The toxic, negative things that this guy says online about YouTubers has real-life implications on these YouTubers,” he hit back. “…it’s just funny how this guy claims to be some kind of news channel, but he’s out there spreading lies like crazy.”

JayStation’s “emotional” video about his girlfriend’s purported death was then followed by a “conversation” with her via Ouija board, which was quickly debunked after Alexia herself uploaded a video explaining the situation.

According to Alexia, JayStation had been verbally and physically abusive toward her, and was even arrested on these allegations, although he has since been released from police custody.


With the entire debacle gaining steam across the online space, viewers can only wait for YouTube to take a stand on an issue that raises questions about what kind of content is acceptable on the platform.

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