More ImAllexx accusations resurface after four years amid abuse claims

Virginia Glaze

Further allegations have risen against YouTuber ‘ImAllexx’ after one of his ex-partners re-shared her experience with the influencer that she’d first posted to social media in 2020.

‘ImAllexx,’ real name Alex Elmslie, is a British YouTuber who is currently facing accusations of abuse after his former girlfriend, Alice Hez, posted an 82-page document detailing death threats, verbal abuse, and physical abuse allegedly done to her by Alex during their relationship.

In the fallout of this evidence, a swath of other content creators associated with Alex have come forward in support for Hez — and now, another of the YouTuber’s ex-partners is speaking out.

On June 18, a Twitter/X user by the name Jess Carter quote-retweeted a post she’d initially published on December 26, 2020 with screenshots of a Facebook message supposedly from Alex to one of her friends.

“Yo, where’s Jess?” the message reads. “I’m very angry. At bar. I am going to kick her head in. Now I’m locked out. Might kill her. Might actually kill her.”

Carter also uploaded a screenshot of a statement written in an iPhone Notes App, saying that she’d been in an on-and-off relationship with Allexx from November 2018 – February 2020.

She explained the context of Alex’s messages, saying they were both at an event and Alex couldn’t find her, convinced she wasn’t in their hotel room. However, Carter claimed she was still sleeping in their bed — something Alex “laughed” off after “banging” on the door of their room.

“My heart breaks for Alice having gone through so much worse and still dealing with the consequences,” Carter wrote. “She deserves nothing but peace and happiness here on out.”

As previously mentioned, Carter’s text screenshot and statement were attached to a quote-retweet of a statement she’d initially made back in 2020 for her own “personal closure.”

In her 2020 post, Carter claimed that her romance with Alex started off being “everything I wanted at the time,” but claimed “something changed not long into the relationship.”

He began hanging out with an ex-girlfriend of his and broke up with Carter not long after, allegedly saying that his relationship with Carter was “the worst in his life” and that “nothing good had happened” between them.

Carter then claimed that, amid their breakup, she’d tweeted about an attractive guy at her gym, prompting a supposed tirade from Alex who eventually wanted to get back together with her.

She also claimed that Alex “scared me when he was angry,” referencing past moments where he was “pure evil,” detailing instances where he “didn’t have time” for her due to being “busy with work” and not putting forth effort in their relationship to neglectful levels.

Carter then mentioned a time where she was “sat in my car, on the verge of suicide, when I needed to speak to someone. I called him, and in the end he turned his phone off and didn’t answer because he couldn’t be bothered to talk to me for days after I was having a breakdown every day and just wanted to talk to him.”

ImAllexx is facing allegations of abuse from a former partner – and now, another ex-girlfriend of his has spoken out about her negative experience with the YouTuber.

He eventually broke things off with her on Valentine’s day. “He made me feel completely worthless,” Carter wrote. “…I’d like to have full closure on our relationship, but I know he will never admit to how selfish and cruel he was, so this is all I can do.”

Despite the post being made in 2020, commenters are showing out in support of Carter following the latest accusations against him, with many saying they’re “proud” of her for speaking out about the issue.

At the time of writing, Alex has yet to respond to the allegations against him — but other influencers, like Twitch streamer Asmongold, don’t believe he will address the matter at all.