JayStation’s girlfriend Alexia finally speaks out about fake death

YouTube: Alexia Marano

Alexia Marano, the now-former girlfriend of YouTuber JayStation, has spoken out publicly for the first time following the series of videos in which he claimed she had been killed by a drunk driver.

JayStation, who has over 5 million subscribers on his YouTube channel, claimed that Alexia had been killed in an accident with a drunk driver. He also made a series of follow up videos, including visiting a fake streetside memorial, and using a Ouija board to ‘talk’ to Alexia’s spirit.

Many fellow YouTubers accused JayStation of clearly faking the entire situation for attention and views, but he kept up the act. Alexia has now admitted that she helped make the videos with him, but claims it was out of fear.

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JayStation posted his own video to expose the “truth” about Alexia, on January 27, showing behind the scenes footage of her helping with the Ouija board video. He also claimed that she left without notice five hours later, and reported that she had been assaulted by him to police.

The following day, January 28, Alexia posted on her personal channel to assure everyone that she was alive and well, and to explain her side of the story.

Becoming tearful throughout, Marano gave some background to their relationship, revealing that JayStation had demanded that she remove all of her personal social media accounts.

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Marano also claims that she was not paid at all for helping with JayStation’s videos, despite often editing for eight to ten hours a day, and that JayStation’s roommate was paid for helping.

For their second channel, ‘Dream Team’, Alexia says she was almost entirely responsible for it, despite not being paid. She also claims that many business and financial responsibilities were handed to her.

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The fake death story

The initial idea was to fake the death of JayStation’s roommate, Alexia says. But, Jay then changed his mind and decided that Alexia would be better. “I had no idea what he was going to say in those videos. When other people were watching it for the first time on YouTube, I was also watching it for the first time.

“I did not appreciate that he said the crash was about a drunk driver, that really made me feel sick to my stomach,” she explains. Despite her family and friends being bombarded with messages, Alexia said she was “not allowed” to say anything.

JayStation and Alexia talking to camera with view of city behind themYouTube: Dream Team
JayStation caused confusion for the community, and panicked Alexia’s family.

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It is unclear what will happen to their joint channel, Dream Team, which has over 300,000 subscribers.

JayStation has deleted all the videos from the account, and has said: “I created this channel a few years ago, decided to share it with Alexia but she is no longer with me so I will be keeping this channel alive and making videos for it.”

Marano says she will continue to post videos on her personal channel for now.