TikToker’s ‘rating things’ video goes viral after revealing dad’s grisly backstory

Dylan Horetski
TikTok things my dad did

Netizens were left stunned after TikTok user Lauren Jones opened up about her father being involved in a murder-suicide, which went so viral that her sister decided to speak out against it.

A new trend has surfaced on TikTok where users are rating things that someone close to them has done, whether it’s a parent, sibling, or another close family member or friend.

On June 4, 2024, Jones posted her own take on the trend rating the things that her parents did – and what she exposed made her go extremely viral.

“Rating things my dad did: 0/10 killed mom, 5/10 killed himself after,” she said. “Rating things my mom has done: 0/10 died.”

Her video has amassed over 65M views, with 8.3M likes and 106k comments from shocked viewers in the two days since it was posted.

TikTok Lauren.j734

“I was not ready for this,” one user replied.

Another said: “Didn’t expect this on a nice Wednesday afternoon.”

“Welp, good morning to you too,” a third replied.

With Lauren’s video going super viral, her sister Rebecca chimed in with a video speaking out against the original clip.

“Greetings! If you’re here from Lauren’s video: 1. I will not do a story time. 2. Her way of grieving does not encompass the rest of the families grief. 3. Please leave the rest of us alone, we didn’t ask for our business to go viral,” she said.

Becca’s video is nearing one million views, with thousands of likes and hundreds of comments sharing their thoughts.

One user commented: “If you’re new here: a) Please be nice to Becca; the situation is A LOT. Don’t pry. b) Don’t come at Lauren; her video is a very natural and realistic method of healing. She’s not ‘at fault’.”

Becca replied: “This!” Her comment makes it quite clear that she doesn’t fault her sister for posting the original video. She was just taking part in a trend, and the story is shocking enough that it caught the attention of millions of viewers.

News reports from February 2, 2023, detail that Becca and Lauren’s dad, Lester Jones, shot and killed their mom, Traci-Marie Jones, before turning the gun on himself just a week after Traci-Marie applied for a restraining order against her husband.

This comes just days after TikToker Ali Abulaban was found guilty of murdering his wife and “lover” after telling the court he “snapped” after she bragged out sleeping with one of his friends.

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