YouTuber breaks down in tears after viewers call his content “inconsistent”

Meera Jacka
Kanel Joseph breaks down

Comedy YouTuber and streamer Kanel Joseph broke down in tears on Twitch while addressing comments claiming his content is “inconsistent”.

The 21-year-old content creator frequently posts prank videos featuring an array of public antics, from eating people’s delivery foods in front of them to bringing his whole streaming setup to Office Depot.

While many of his videos have garnered over a million views, Joseph recently teared up while streaming on Twitch. Getting “everything off [his] chest,” he shared insight into the difficulties of content creation and audience expectations.

Reposting the clip to YouTube, Joseph admitted he had been feeling this way “since last year” and was “tired of people thinking I’m inconsistent.”

“I try, dead ass I do,” he said. “I try and I’m tired of people f****** sitting here saying ‘Oh, he doesn’t care, he fell off… he doesn’t work his ass off.’ I try, bro, I try.”

Joseph went on to say that he had attempted to “restart” on many occasions but “sh** just happens”, claiming “that’s life” and he just wanted to be “honest” with his fans as to what was going on behind the scenes.

“I’ve been f***** over by so many people,” he said, going on to recount how his “kindness” had been “taken advantage” of by those he “trusted.” This included being promised deals that never came to fruition and hiring people who were ultimately there to “benefit on themselves.”

“Behind the screens bro, I am one of the f****** people that just put people before myself… I’m tired of it… these people backstabbed me, did me dirty so many f****** times… and I forgive people, bro.”

Joseph blamed the industry, insisting “no one cares about you” and “no one is your friend.” In the comments, he added that his breakdown came from a “year of stress building up” and promised that “a lot of things are gonna change” as he worked toward finding “better people” to surround himself with.

Fans offered their support, with one person writing that viewers needed to “understand [Joseph’s] a human and has feelings.”

“Seeing this guy break down like this genuinely hurts. Social media is the one of the worst things to ever be created,” another wrote. A third shared a similar sentiment, commenting, “I feel your pain when you say this game is difficult, and it’s everyone doing what’s best for them instead of helping others.”

They continued with words of encouragement, writing, “Know that you are not alone, and that your true fans will always be here for you. You’ve accomplished so much, and I know you’ll bounce back on top again!”

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