KSI explains why he would be “ruined” if he lost to Jake Paul

KSI, DAZN - YouTube

YouTube star Jake Paul went viral after defeating opponent AnEsonGib in the first round of their January 30 boxing match — but he’s got his eyes set on bigger prey, KSI, who apparently can’t afford to lose against him.

After dropping Gib three times in the first round of their professional boxing debut, Jake Paul immediately called out fellow YouTuber KSI, who notably defeated his brother “The Maverick” Logan Paul on November 9, 2019.

Claiming that KSI had only won due to a 2-point deduction, things got heated inside the ring, adding yet another chapter to the KSI vs Paul brothers grudge that is already being set for another fight.

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KSI spoke on their future bout during a video on February 3, where he admitted that he can’t afford to lose to the Team 10 founder in wake of their bitter rivalry.

According to the British YouTuber, he’d become a veritable mockery if he lost to the youngest Paul brother, knowing that he’d never be able to live the loss down.

“You see, this is why I can’t lose!” KSI laughed, after watching a video of Gib’s infamous stumble set to Noisestorm’s “Crab Rave” song. “If I lost, fam, Reddit would annihilate me, fam. It’d be over. Yo, the haters would win! Oh my god! I would be ruined!”

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(Timestamp: 12:40 for mobile viewers)

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That being said, it doesn’t look like the internet star has any fears of actually losing to Jake, considering his confident statement made earlier on in the same video.

“I won’t let him beat me, bro,” he continued. “I never lose. I can’t lose! I’m undefeated! I have a song called ‘Undefeated,’ which will be on my album. Fam, I don’t lose.”

Jake Paul, Instagram
Team 10 founder Jake Paul took the W over AnEsonGib via first-round stoppage, setting the stage for a fight against KSI.

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Of course, that isn’t stopping him from being angry that his least favorite YouTuber won in such a dramatic manner, claiming, “Man’s very very pissed. Because now, Jake is gassed, and it just angers me how he thinks he’s sick. …he’s not! He’s worse than his brother.”

Without a date or time set, there’s no telling when these two YouTube giants will face off, but one thing’s for certain: this storied bout could put an end to KSI’s grudge against the Paul brothers, for good.

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