Why is #DREAM_OUT trending on Twitter? YouTuber hits back at racism allegations

Why is Dream Out trending on TwitterInstagram: dreamwastaken

Uber-popular Minecraft YouTuber ‘Dream’ is facing the ire of both his fans and his critics over allegations that he and his community are racist in an ongoing Twitter war.

Dream is one of the Minecraft community’s biggest stars. Managing to score 14 million subscribers in the span of a single year in 2020, Dream has now amassed over 23 million subs due to his survival multiplayer server and the story-based content he creates around it.

Despite his popularity, Dream has found himself in the middle of controversies on Twitter multiple times, having trended on the platform more than once for past jokes and comments that were found to be offensive.

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On June 9, the YouTuber once again became the center of attention on the app, with the hashtag “#DREAM_OUT” trending after angry fans and critics alike took issue with a statement he purportedly made about his own fanbase.

Minecraft YouTuber Dream avatarYouTube: AnthonyPadilla
Dream differs from many content creators in that he hasn’t shared his face online.

According to a tweet from user ‘teenofdenials,’ Dream was criticized for his usage of African American Vernacular English and “demonizing rap music” by a person of color, who messaged him about their concerns.

Dream purportedly replied by disagreeing that his fanbase is anti-Black and stated that he does not support anyone who shares racist views.

The tweet thread then discussed other alleged instances of racism by Dream himself as well as from his fanbase. The thread has sparked a massive conversation across the platform, with fans calling out Dream to acknowledge the purported racism from his community.

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Dream appeared to respond to the matter on his private alternate Twitter account, as captured in screenshots within the tweet thread. In the screenshotted tweets, Dream linked out to several Black creators to celebrate an early Juneteenth and went on to decry racists in his fanbase.

“I don’t support any form of racism or any anti-black or anti-minority behavior,” he wrote. “If you do at all, get out of the community. You’re not welcome nor are you wanted. Ever.”

Dreamhangout screenshotsTwitter: @dreamhangout, @Simp_allert
Dream decried any racists in his fanbase in a series of screenshotted tweets taken from his private alternate account.

Dream’s alleged tweets from this private account have also come under fire, with many critics raising an eyebrow that he responded via his secondary account only after the allegations against him took off online.

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Dream has yet to respond to the situation from his main Twitter account or YouTube channel at the time of writing, but it’s clear that his critics and a large part of his fanbase are still seeking answers and an official reply.