Who is Preppyclaws on TikTok? Viral creator gets 2.5 million followers in a month

Dylan Horetski
preppyclaws tiktokTikTok: @Preppyclaws

TikToker ‘Preppyclaws’ has taken the app by storm with their unique choice of outfits and dances all while wearing their now-iconic skeleton costume. Here’s everything we know about the viral creator. 

Creators can go viral on TikTok these days for just about anything — as long as they provide some sort of content that viewers enjoy watching. In the past, we’ve seen people create viral sounds, and, for example, ElyseMyers went viral for her unique way of storytelling.

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Since the beginning of December, a TikToker by the name of ‘Preppyclaws’ has gone viral on the app for their viral dancing videos. What sets them apart from the thousands of others dancing, however, is their choice of clothing.

Here’s everything we know about the creator, as well as what viewers think of their videos.

Who is Preppyclaws on TikTok?

While their exact identity is currently unknown, fans of Preppyclaws left their fair share of ideas in the comments. One of the biggest suggestions is that the creator is YouTuber and former ‘Dance Moms’ star, Elliana Walmsley.

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However, Walmsley uploaded a video to her YouTube channel on January 2 to confirm that she is not the costumed creator — but she does know who it is, and won’t reveal their identity.

Regardless of who is underneath the costume, they are definitely taking the app by storm. The first video was uploaded onto the Preppyclaws account on December 6, 2021, and has over two million views.

In the month since uploading, the TikTok account has amassed an insane 2.5 million followers.

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Preppyclaws TikTok videos & reactions

In all of their videos, Preppyclaws is wearing a creepy skeleton costume paired with “preppy” style clothes like a fur vest and pink cowgirl hat while dancing to some of TikTok’s most viral songs.

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(Click here if TikTok doesn’t load)

Those who have come across the account love it, with remarks like “Queen” and “Love you” posted in mass throughout the comment sections of the creator’s videos.

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Almost everyone that is not praising Preppyclaws is busy trying to figure out who is under the costume.

If you’d like to read more about a variety of TikTok trends and other viral videos, check out our news hub.

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