Who is ‘white tube top girl’ on TikTok? Viral internet star explained

Virginia Glaze

If you’ve been scrolling through your For You Page lately, you’ve likely seen the buzz about TikTok’s newest ‘it girl’ — white tube top girl.

Faith Marie going mega-viral on the platform thanks to a video she uploaded on July 3, 2024, showing herself wearing a white tube top dancing to a mashup of Chapell Roan’s ‘Hot to Go’ and Ian’s ‘Magic Johnson.’ 

Who is white tub girl going viral?

While her moves aren’t anything particularly special, her video has racked up over 31 million views in just a week, with comments pouring in wondering what the big deal is.

“Are you the white tube top girl that my fyp is talkin’ ’bout?” one user asked.

“What’s the big deal, am I missing something here?” another wrote.

“Okay wait, I’m confused. What’s all the hype about?” yet another commenter said.

There doesn’t seem to be any explanation as to why she’s so popular all of the sudden… but if the folks trying to shoot their shot in the comments are anything to go by, we can take a solid guess that she’s a lot of people’s newfound crush.

What is the white tube girl meme on TikTok?

In fact, Marie’s rise to TikTok stardom has become a bit of a meme on the app, with users mocking her dance moves and even dressing up in a tube top wondering why in the world she’s so famous.

Still others are asking her to share her workout routine, with many appearing envious of her slim waist.

In fact, her waist has become quite a hot topic of conversation, becoming the main focus of a few viral videos discussing ‘white tube top girl’s’ rise to fame.

Faith Marie’s viral video comes hot on the heels of another gal with a similar online nickname — ‘blue sweatpants girl,’ who took over the app in June 2024 after also uploading herself dancing.

Blue sweatpants girl, real name Laura Sophia, even found herself compared to Tyla thanks to her slim figure and captivating choreography… which isn’t too surprising, given she has a history with salsa dancing and other athletic pursuits like surfing.

It’s the summer of white tube top girl and blue sweatpants girl. Now, we just need a shoe-related gal to fill the remaining gap and we’ll have enough TikTok-famous dancers to create a social media version of Exodia.

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