TikTok Rising Creators: Who is ElyseMyers? Woman goes viral for wild storytime videos

ElyseMyers Tiktok rising starsTikTok/TikTok: ElyseMyers

Have you ever wanted to know about TikTok creators as they go viral on the platform? We’re here to showcase ElyseMyers and her unique way of telling her life stories. 

Consistently holding the lead when it comes to the platform of choice for short-form media consumption, TikTok is the home of a wide variety of unique creators across the world. The platform has its fair share of different viral trends, as well as creators who stand out for their unique videos.

If TikTok’s algorithm is on their side, creators who upload their unique videos have the chance of having their videos go viral. In the case of TikToker ElyseMyers, her unique storytelling ability has gotten her millions of views on the platform.

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Who is ElyseMyers?

At 24 years old, the Omaha, Nebraska native has a handful of professions and talents including Web Developer, Songwriter, and most recently TikTok celebrity. While she doesn’t show her family a lot in her videos recently, she’s also a proud mother and wife to her husband Jonas.

Elyse has shared her life stories with her followers since mid-2020, but began gaining traction at the beginning of October 2021, after she shared a story about a first date gone wrong.

Explaining that before she met her husband, she received a message from a guy on a dating app who offered to take her out to dinner. However, after she drove to his house and learned that he allegedly lost his car keys, the date went downhill from there.

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In the days following her horrible Taco-Bell date video going viral, fans flocked to the creator wanting more and more life stories. Since then, she has shared anything from wedding stories to more horrifying pre-marriage events — all including her signature over-exaggerated reactions.

Followers of Elyse have even recorded their own videos in her signature style to show their love for the creator.

While she may not have started the latest viral trend on the platform, she’s gathered over 1.7 million followers on the platform — most of which are from October 2021.