Who is HAchubby? How a Korean IRL streamer is becoming a Twitch star

Brent Koepp

Korean streamer HAchubby has exploded in popularity in just under four months, with the lovable Twitch personality attracting viewers thanks to her comedic impersonations and ‘Just Chatting’ streams – all while still working a day job.

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HAchubby has only been on Twitch for just over a year, and has quickly become one of the most popular Just Chatting streamers on the platform. She embraces meme culture, and her quirky broadcasts and charming interactions with her audience are a big part of her appeal. 

After a handful of clips from her broadcast in June 2019 went viral, the adorable Korean streamer has had a rapid rise in viewers, with many watching fans getting to learn English and experience Western culture through her streams.

Instagram: ha.chubbyHAchubby’s embrace of memes is popular with her audience.
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HAchubby’s Twitch journey

The Korean joined Twitch in 2018, and her channel, which largely focused on the Just Chatting category, regularly got under 200 viewers up until the the first half of 2019. In May 2019, however, her channel took off.

HAChubby was reacting to videos on her stream, when she stumbled upon popular clips from Twitch star Dr Disrespect. The streamer attempted to impersonate the Two-Time’s “YAYAYAYAYA”, which he is known to do in rapid-fire speed, but it was her attempt at his popular catchphrase “RAAAAUUUULLLLL!” that had her audience in stitches, as she tried to roll her r’s like Doc.

After her impressions of Dr Disrespect went viral, viewers started to tune into HaChubby’s regular broadcasts, and found her streams during her work shift at a Korean convenience store to be equally entertaining.

In another popular clip, the Just Chatting personality broke into dance while on her shift when a customer came in and caught her. Unique moments like this began to bring in more viewers.

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HAchubby’s channel growth has been insane

However, it was her ongoing journey to engage in western culture and memes that fueled HAchubby’s growth, as viewers routinely tuned in to interact with her in chat as she continued to learn English and pop culture concepts from her audience – such as her reaction when learning what ‘Netflix and Chill’ really means.

According to TwitchMetrics, the Korean streamer has enjoyed an explosion in viewership in just under three months. In July 2019, she had gathered 27k followers, but by the end of September, had amassed an audience of 105k. She is also currently the #17 most watched Just Chatting channel on the entire platform at this time of writing.

TwitchMetricsTwitchMetrics show the Korean streamer’s insane growth in three months.

As the Korean streamer began to rise up as one of the more popular Just Chatting channels on Twitch, she started to branch out and began streaming games, collaborating with other popular personalities such as NymN and SlikeR to play the popular sandbox game Minecraft.

Capping off what has been an extremely successful year so far, HAchubby was brought to tears during her August 10 stream when her viewers donated enough money so that she could attend Twitchcon 2019 – the largest convention for the streaming platform, which attracts personalities from all around the world. 

“This is real. I can’t believe. Oh my god!” she exclaimed, choking back tears of happiness at achieving her goal.

Of course, she broadcast her first trip to America for Twitchcon, which took place in San Diego from September 27-29.

The trip featured memorable clips such as her first time eating pizza in the US, as well as her accidentally being stream sniped by another Twitch personality who was doing an IRL broadcast at San Diego Zoo.

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And she still has her day job!

Despite her insanely rapid success as a streamer, HAchubby has continued to work her day job, explaining on her August 22 broadcast that it isn’t about the money, but that her audience loves the content she creates by broadcasting from the workplace.

Her employers don’t seem to mind, as she routinely broadcasts during her shift, and her audience is treated to her interesting interactions with customers, also giving the western audience a glimpse into Korean culture.

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As of the time of writing, HAchubby has over 105k followers, showing her rapid success given she’s only been on the platform for little over a year, with the bulk of her growth happening in a four month time window. 

Her channel continues to build momentum, though, showing no signs of slowing down soon.

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