Twitch streamer pledges to try and get banned every day until Korea shutdown

Theo Burman
Korean streamer tries to get banned

A Korean Twitch streamer has claimed she will try to get banned from the platform every day until the site goes down in the country.

Twitch previously announced that its platform would cease operations in South Korea on February 27th, citing “prohibitively expensive costs” as the main reason.

The surprise move was met with wide condemnation from the Korean streaming community, with streamer HAchubby being reduced to tears by the news, saying: “I probably need to move to YouTube, and I’m not sure how many viewers are following me.”

However, one streamer had quite a different reaction, instead pledging that she would wreak havoc on the site as long as she still had the chance.

Twitch streamer BVnoona commits to getting banned

Twitch streamer and Korean content creator Beloved Noona, also known as BVnoona, decided to take a more aggressive approach to the news, promising her viewers that she would be trying to get banned from the platform every day for the next two months.

When a subscriber asked her what she was going to do about the news, she said: “For the next two months, we’re doing a ‘let’s get banned’ goal. So every day, I’m going to try and get banned. Of course.”

BVnoona, who is known for her Just Chatting content primarily, also ominously mentioned that she had ordered “five boxes of body oil”.

Twitch CEO Dan Clancy explained the decision to close operations in Korea in a blog post, saying: “Twitch has been operating in Korea at a significant loss. Our network fees in Korea are still 10 times more expensive than in most other countries.”

For more news and updates on Twitch’s plans for Korea, check out our analysis for the reasons behind the region closure.

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