Korean streamer explains why she hasn’t quit her day job despite Twitch success

Instagram: HAchubby/Twitch

Korean streamer ‘HAchubby’ has addressed why she has not taken the jump into full-time streaming on Twitch, explaining that people enjoy her content as is and that it is good for her state of mind.

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Despite not racking up the same amount views as other top Twitch streamers, HAchubby has blown up in popularity over the last few months, as fans tune in to watch her at home or even when he’s at her normal job.

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While she has incredible support, including receiving enough donations to attend TwitchCon in the United States, she hasn’t parlayed that into a new career. While plenty of questions have been asked about it, she’s never really given an answer – until now.  

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Instagram: HAchubbyThousands of fans tune into HAchubby’s daily Twitch streams.

During her August 22 broadcast, the popular streamer had been playing Minecraft with Angelskimi, when her fellow broadcaster asked why she hadn’t taken the leap of faith to become full-time on Twitch just yet. 

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“Uh, because, I want my life money and I start, but I now don’t want money but just this is my content,” HAchubby said, prompting laughs from Angelskimi. After a few giggles, she continued on: “And because very my chat very very like this content. A lot of the people like this. This is true!”

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HAchubby wasn’t finished there, however, as explained that streaming was also good for her wellbeing – even though her fellow streamer didn’t quite understand at first.

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“Just, I want to keep going because it’s very good for the mind,” the Korean streamer added. “I’m going to the state of mind that this is very good – very good, state of mind.” She also noted that streaming keeps her responsible and in a good ‘work mind’.

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Some fans may want her to jump into streaming full-time, but it doesn’t appear as if HAchubby will be following through on that just yet.

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That’s not disappointing to everyone, though, as he mid-work streams have already provenly to be some of her most popular – especially when she ends up dancing for chat despite having tasks to fulfil.

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