Korean streamer’s awkward first American meal ends in hilarity

Virginia Glaze

Thanks to the popularity of live streaming, internet personalities across the globe can interact with fans of all languages – and one Korean Twitch streamer took her fandom to the next level with an IRL stream in another country.

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Korean Twitch streamer “Hachubby” is a quickly-growing face on the platform, skyrocketing to fame for her hilarious impressions of stars like Dr Disrespect and the hilarious antics she records during broadcasts of her part-time job at a convenience store.

That’s not all Hachubby is known for, though: the streamer likewise talks with her fans in English as best she can, as it is her second language, sometimes resulting in humorous moments as she uses online tools to communicate.

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Hachubby kicked her content up a notch with a trip to the United States in late September, traveling to San Diego to try out authentic American cuisine for her IRL stream.

Her food of choice? Pizza: but her quest for the victuals didn’t go off without a hitch, as she had an awkward interaction with a waitress when trying to order a pie.

“Are you by yourself or are you waiting for somebody else?” the waitress asked, resulting in an uncomfortable conversation where Hachubby asked if she was allowed to stream in the restaurant.

“This is a livestream,” she explained. “I can livestream?”

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The encounter continued in a similar manner, with the waitress pointedly asking Hachubby if she wanted to dine in or take out, leaving her somewhat confused and flustered.

Despite the awkward interaction, Hachubby’s first American pizza turned out to be a near-religious experience, as shown by the hilarious expression she gave the camera upon biting into the pie and giving a thumbs up.

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The waitress later asked her about her thoughts on the meal, which Hachubby confirmed with another thumbs up through a bite of pizza, answering, “Very good,” before falling into a fit of laughter.

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No matter the circumstances, IRL streams almost always bring out unexpected and humorous content to unsuspecting viewers – but Hachubby’s trip to America is giving fans a wholesome look into her daily life.

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