Twitch streamer left speechless after receiving massive donation

HAchubby, Twitch / freepik

While popular livestreaming platform Twitch gives viewers ample ways to support their favorite content creators, many fans opt to express their gratitude in the form of cash – with some sending huge amounts of dough, despite their financial constraints.

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Popular Korean Twitch streamer and YouTuber ‘HAchubby,’ known for her hilarious impressions of streamer Dr Disrepect, was in the middle of a ‘Just Chatting’ broadcast on June 2 when she received one such massive donation.

The fan, going by the screenname ‘totally_not_a_weirdo,’ sent HAchubby a whopping $1,000, asking if she needed a new laptop in their donation message.

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Instagram: HAchubbyTwitch streamer and YouTuber HAchubby has made waves across the internet due to her hilarious impressions of Dr Disrespect – but one fan’s donation left her speechless.

HAchubby was understandably floored by the donation, rising from her chair with palms open as if incredulously gesturing toward her computer.

The streamer was so shocked that she held the pose for nearly thirty seconds before sitting back down in her chair.

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HAchubby was rendered speechless by the massive amount, replaying the donation message as if to make sure she read it correctly.

“Oh my god, what is this? Laptop?” she finally cried out, before typing in a search query for laptops in her browser.

That wasn’t the end of HAchubby’s luck, either; the donator gave her another $600 for good measure, this time asking her to “get a very good laptop.”

The streamer cried out with emotion, placing a hand over her mouth in shock as she continued her laptop search.

Of course, HAChubby isn’t the first streamer to receive shocking amounts of money from fans, either – in fact, popular streamer and former CS:GO pro Michael ‘shroud’ Grzesiek was the subject of four massive donations from two separate fans in late April, leaving him similarly speechless.

“I don’t know whether it’s legit, but if it is, I love you,” Shroud commented after receiving three donations totaling $3,050.

However, Shroud later decided to turn up the humor, after getting a $999 donation from another viewer.

“Not even a thousand dollars?” Shroud joked. “Come on man. I’m joking – thank you! That’s not even the same person!”

This wouldn’t be the first time HAchubby has made waves on Twitch: the streamer caught ample attention after imitating popular streamer and gamer Dr Disrespect, creating her own version of his “Raul” and “YAYAYAYA” sound effects with hilarious results.