Korean streamer “accidentally” stream sniped during trip to US

David Purcell

Popular Twitch streamer HAchubby has taken her IRL streams to the United States and is already being spotted by other streamers during the trip. 

The Korean can often be seen playing video games and talking in front of a camera on her constantly growing channel, racking up a total of almost 100,000 followers since starting out on the streaming platform. 

While she might have had several big moments go viral during the course of 2019 already, there’s a good chance that she might not have expected to be stream sniped on her travels – judging by her reaction at least. 

TwitchTwitch streamers have flooded to San Diego for North America’s TwitchCon.

Fellow streamer Zulu was hosting their own IRL stream on September 25 and took a moment to record their surroundings, before noticing that a very familiar pink-haired woman was on top of a nearby bus, talking in front of her camera. 

While it might be a bit of a leap to suggest that this was stream sniping, it’s still fairly possible that somebody in Zulu’s group knew of HAchubby’s whereabouts. Members of the chat certainly did, after mentioning her name soon after the encounter. 

Either way, it turned out to be one of the most wholesome moments both streamers could have imagined. “Wait, you streaming? Gamers… Are you streaming? We’re streaming!” one lady from the group said, before exchanging Twitch names with the Korean. 

HAchubby and Zulu are just two of many streamers that will be coming together to meet up, and greet fans, at the San Diego TwitchCon between September 27-29. 

This meeting, as the footage shows, at the San Diego Zoo – a very typical tourist destination for anybody visiting the area. However, not many would have expected to see these two streams collide, even for a split second, for this encounter. 

There’s no doubt that even more IRL streamer crossovers will take place in the run-up to, and during, the event to close out the month. Just like many other fans, we’ll be waiting in anticipation!

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