Twitch has a new superstar streamer but you’ve probably never heard of him

xcry streaming on TwitchTwitch: xCry

It’s not often that a Twitch streamer will suddenly blow up out of nowhere these days, but there is a new rising star the platform, as Spanish streamer xCry has gained over a million new followers and multiplied his viewership tenfold – in a month.

For English-speaking Twitch fans, Eduard ‘xCry’ Martinconi is probably not someone you’re familiar with. A Spanish streamer, although is currently living in Mexico, has actually been streaming on Twitch since as early as 2016.

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It wasn’t until 2020 when he cracked the 1,000 viewer mark, and he’s hovered around a few thousand viewers ever since – that was, until October 2023.

Rather suddenly, xCry’s following and viewership has exploded, making him by far the fastest-growing channel on the platform, perhaps on his way to cracking the top 20 most-followed list.

xCry blowing up on Twitch

As of November 17, xCry now boasts over 2.7 million followers on Twitch, 1.1 million of which followed in the past 30 days. At first, you might assume these kinds of numbers are only possible through a followbot, but it certainly doesn’t appear so.

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His viewership has similarly boomed to over 67,000 average, and his subscriber count is almost 40,000 (according to TwitchTracker), which are all signals that these are real fans following, watching and subscribing.

He has thanked his fans for making him the top streamer of the month, writing, “streamer of the month and we are in the top most viewed streams on Twitch making halloween pumpkins.”

Who is xCry?

More impressive still, xCry has managed this while predominantly streaming in the Just Chatting section, a notoriously difficult place to grow a stream, but also where much of the most viral content is on Twitch.

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Sometimes streamers can enjoy accelerated growth if they already boast a large YouTube following, and he does also have over 2 million YouTube subscribers.

It’s likely this growth has also been accelerated due to his presence on TikTok. Many of his videos go viral on the short-form video app, and this will send new fans over to his stream. This latest video has over 25 million views.

Although, he hasn’t posted on TikTok since late October, as his focus has clearly shifted towards growing his Twitch stream.

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Spanish news site Sensacine also explains, “there has also been a lot of talk about xCry in Mexico due to his friendship with a famous influencer Yeri Mua” – as some fans want them to be a couple.

If his current trajectory continues, he could be at 4 million followers before 2023 is over. The 20th most-followed streamer is currently NICKMERCS, at 6.7 million followers.

xCry is also a big fan of Rubius, Twitch’s 4th most-followed streamer, saying that he “inspired” him and helped him a lot.

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xCry is currently third for average viewership on Twitch, behind Nix and Kai Cenat, in the past 30 days.

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