What is the viral ‘I wanna ride” TikTok song? New trend explained

Dave Deiley
TikTok: Bby.gloss / Instagram: @thyejoseline hernandez

TikTokers the world over have been frothing over the latest trend to grace the small screen. The ‘I wanna ride, I wanna ride’ trend is going global. 

As days end, so do new dawns bring with them a new trend. The latest audiobite to make its way into the lofty halls of TikTok famedom is ‘I wanna ride’.

A pitched-up sample of ‘Vegas’ by Peurto Rican rapper and reality TV star Joseline Hernandez, the song’s simple hook gets right down to business.

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“I wanna ride, I wanna ride” has become the unifying call of users everywhere to express exactly what makes them wanna ride.

With calls pointing to the ‘bby.glosss’ video above being the originator of the trend hard to verify, there’s no doubting the March 18 video and accompanying curled finger tongue out dance were instrumental in bringing this trend into the social media limelight.

While initially starting as an expression of romantic interest, the trend rapidly reached its moment of hyper-saturation in its first week.

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From here on out the trend evolved from the desire for a big tall glass of hunk to cool the poster’s thirst, to being parodied, mocked, and further shared.

Capitalizing on the moment, ‘anthonyedwards.jr’ hit a staggering 3.5 million views with his take on the trend “If she made one of these for you, you winning bro.”

Stepping well beyond the constraints of romantic interest, the trend has now been related far and wide, for anyone who just wanna ride. With some users switching up the format to just express a desire to be involved. “Me whenever my man say he going somewhere,” was one caption accompanying a video of the poster getting prepped to go out.

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The trend has seen massive use since its inception. Capturing this moment’s heights alongside the Car Dragon sound, and being a welcome change from the Chupagetti and Brownie phenomenons we’ve just left.

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