What is the F74 trend on TikTok?

What is the F74 trend on TikTok?TIKTOK: h3r4m0

The F74 or Floor 74 TikTok trend is one of the latest challenges causing a scare online – but what does it mean?

TikTok is filled with numerous trends, ranging from harmless beauty tips to dangerous challenges that experts regularly warn against.

While some trends are surprisingly useful, like the ‘angel cut with layers’ tip, others serve no purpose except to scare users online.

The most recent creepy trend that’s gone viral on the social media app claims to transport people to a parallel dimension in their sleep. Here is everything you need to know about it.

The F74 trend on TikTok explained

The F74, also known as Floor 74, is a TikTok trend that apparently originated from Japan and claims to take you to a parallel dimension in your sleep.

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The purpose of the challenge is to survive your trip to another dimension, as failure to escape means you’ll supposedly be stranded forever in the parallel dimension. 

The F74 trend has reportedly been making around on the short-form video app for years, but has only gone viral more recently.

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How to do the F74 challenge on TikTok

To participate, you need to write F74 on your wrist with a red marker before you fall asleep. The challenge claims that after some time, you will wake up in a long dark hallway in your dream that has multiple doors.

Supposedly, you will also hear creepy voices follow you, but you can’t look back. Only one door will have the F74 written on it, and to escape the nightmare and wake up in the same state as you went to sleep, you need to enter it. 

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If you fail to find the door within 10 hours, you will be taken into a white room with no escape, and no matter how hard you try to escape, you will be stuck in it forever.

As horrifying as the F74 challenge sounds, many users suggested it’s bogus, as they’ve woken up to their normal lives at the end of the challenge.