What is the ‘pink sauce’ taking over TikTok? Chef’s colorful condiment goes viral

Virginia Glaze
TikTok Pink Sauce goes viral

A chef’s custom-made sauce is going viral on TikTok, where viewers just can’t get enough of the delicious, pink-colored condiment.

TikTok is a food-lover’s paradise. The popular video-sharing app has spawned a slew of viral “food hacks” and recipes in the past — how could we forget the baked feta pasta and air-fried pasta chips that took over the internet?

Now, the latest craze storming the platform is a sauce… and it’s something we could totally see SpongeBob putting on one of the Krusty Krab’s ‘Pretty Patties.’

TikToker and chef ‘Chef Pii’ is the creator of the now-viral ‘Pink Sauce.’ She first shared the colorful sauce to TikTok back in June — and since then, it’s taken the internet by storm.

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It’s easy to see why; the sauce’s bright pink coloring makes quite a statement, and viewers are probably curious as to what’s in it and what it tastes like.

According to Chef Pii, the sauce is all-natural and includes the following ingredients: Sunflower seed oil, dragon fruit, chili, honey, and garlic. A taster in one of Chef Pii’s videos describes the flavor as “sweet, savory, and seasoned very well.”

Chef Pii is now selling the product online, which retails for $20 a bottle. Chef Pii has used the sauce on just about every entree imaginable, from tacos to fried chicken and more, so buyers can probably bet they’ll get good use out of it.

Thus far, Pink Sauce has been met with rave reviews: Even kids love it, as evidenced by Chef Pii’s taste test video down below.

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The Pink Sauce hashtag on TikTok now boasts over 14 million views as users rave about the sauce’s tasty flavor — which, according to Chef Pii, “tastes like nothing else.”

“It’s a mixture of sweet, spicy, and tangy, but in all actuality, it has its own taste,” she said.

This is just the latest food-related moment to take over TikTok, after a man went viral for trying soda for the first time ever.

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