Pink Sauce spotted on a clearance sale at Walmart

Chef Pii eating pink sauce official image dave's gourmetDave's Gourmet / The Pink Sauce

Chef Pii’s viral Pink Sauce is going on a clearance sale not even a month after the announcement that Walmart will be its exclusive retailer til July 2023.

Pink Sauce is a viral product from TikTok creator Chef Pii. The sauce went viral in July of 2022 thanks to its incredible neon pink color.

Chef Pii used that traction to start selling Pink Sauce, which is her original recipe. However, soon after entering distribution, the content creator ran into problems as consumers quickly started raising awareness about food safety concerns regarding the sauce.

Despite those setbacks, Chef Pii partnered with ‘Dave’s Gourmet’ brand to distribute and sell Pink Sause in stores all over the united states. Walmart then picked up the offer to become its exclusive retailer until July of 2023.

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But now there are reports coming in that it was spotted with Walmart’s “Clearance” sticker in the store with a hefty discount for anyone willing to buy it.

Pink Sauce going on Walmart’s clearance sale

NoahGlennCarter reported on the wave of TikTok videos showing that the Pink Sauce is being found on clearance sale at multiple locations.

“The Pink Sauce lady somehow got Walmart to sell the Pink Sauce. Well apparently that is not working out well for her as people have started to post videos showing that Pink Sauce is going on clearance,” said Noah in his TikTok video.

He also followed up with a critique of the sauce saying: “Since I drank an entire bottle of Pink Sauce on TikTok live, I can personally say that I understand why it’s going on sale. It isn’t good.”

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Comments under Noah’s TikTok also point out that the product looks faded in the video. “The sauce isn’t even pink anymore,” points out one of the users.

For those curious about Pink Sauce’s taste, we reviewed a bottle of the TikTok-famous condiment last year.