What is the TikTok Infinity Challenge trend? Viral light transition explained

tiktok infinity challenge trendTikTok: IronSanctuary, EmilyTheEngineer

The TikTok Infinity Challenge, also known as the ring light challenge, has creators around the world showing off their transition skills. 

TikTok has gained popularity over the years for its different viral trends, one of them being transition videos. We’ve seen items disappear in smoke, and the latest one involves a creator holding a source of light behind their head.

It’s called the Infinity Challenge, and when it began gaining traction, it involved the creator’s video transitioning to a dark room with the source of light showing a silhouette of their shoulders.

Since going viral, though, creators have added their own touch to the transition — and we’re here to talk about it.

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TikTok infinity challenge trendIvan Radic
The Infinity Challenge on TikTok uses the song “Infinty” by Jaymes Young.

How to do the Infinity Challenge

Here are the steps to do the Infinity Challenge:

  1. Turn the room lights on, grab a light source (small lamp, ring light, flashlight), and plug it in
  2. Start recording, and slowly move the light source away from the camera
  3. As the song reaches the drop, pause the video
  4. Turn off the lights in your room, allowing the small light source to create the silhouette
  5. Finish recording the video

Infinity Challenge TikTok trend

While songs that gain popularity on TikTok, like Chug Jug With You and Montero, are generally newly released — Infinity by Jaymes Young was released in 2017. However, that hasn’t stopped it from going viral as the hashtag #InfinityChallenge has over 730 million videos recorded using the sound.

That’s not including those who use the sound without the hashtag, like IronSanctuary showing off his bodybuilding skills.

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Soon after the trend started going viral, creatives on the app started using it to show off their various styles of work.

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This includes Emily The Engineer, who transitions into one of her handmade Iron Man suits.

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The short-form video app has been the home of hundreds of trends over the years, including sounds like “Holy Spirit Activate,”, couch guy parodies, and even squid game challenges.

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