Holy Spirit Activate TikTok Trend: Newest dance trend from Family Feud

Dylan Horetski
holy spirit activate chynna phillips family feudYouTube: FamilyFeud / TikTok

A new TikTok trend is taking over the internet, this time in the form of the ‘Holy Spirit Activate’ dance trend from a pop star on an episode of Family Feud.

TikTok can be considered the best place on the internet to consume short-form content, with some of the most viral videos and trends coming from the platform. With countless storytimes, comedy skits, and even ‘cults,’ it offers some of the most diverse content on the internet.

Right on the trail of past viral dances like the Renegade and Savage, the Holy Spirit Activate TikTok dance trend has creators all over the world clapping their hands and jumping around. However, instead of coming from the latest mainstream musician, this trend comes from pop star Chynna Phillips on an episode of Family Feud.

Holy Spirit Activate on Family Feud

On a September episode of Family Feud featuring pop group ‘Wilson Phillips,’ host Steve Harvey was absolutely shocked when singer Chynna started singing and dancing when called up to answer questions.

As the host was explaining what she was about to do, Chynna interrupted him as she started dancing: “Hold on, wait! Holy spirit activate, holy spirit activate.”

“11 years, this has never happened before,” Harvey explained after the singer explained she was ready

Holy Spirit Activate TikTok trend

Users on the short-form video platform have shown they can adapt just about any viral trend for any possible situation.

This creator decided to activate her holy spirit by showing how to get added to an airport’s “no-fly” list.

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Some creators have connected the song and dance to personal things in their life, with Hannah Brown using it in a video captioned: “When ppl ask me what I think about my exes.”

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The viral trend has even gotten the attention of ‘Good Mythical Morning’ creators Rhett & Link.

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These are just a small portion of the videos under the hashtag that has gotten over 110 million views.

Since this is just one of many dance trends that have hit the platform since it gained popularity, users are curious what the next viral dance trend will be.