“Weirdo” TikToker slammed for working for free at Walmart, Dollar Tree & more

Dylan Horetski
tiktoker ugh Madison slammed

TikToker Ugh_madison is being slammed on Reddit over the viral videos she creates where she works at major businesses like Walmart, Kroger, and more for free.

With nearly 330K followers on TikTok and over 19 million likes on her videos, Ugh_madison has made a name for herself on the platform.

She’s done so by doing off-the-wall things, like working for free at stores like Walmart or Kroger, overstaying her welcome at buffet restaurants, and even decorating the Taco Bell bathroom.

However, it appears not everyone is a fan of Madison’s content as some users have taken to Reddit with thoughts about the creator — calling her a weirdo in the process.

Users slam “weirdo” ugh_madison on Reddit

In a thread on the TikTok Gossip subreddit, users shared their thoughts about Madison and the style of content she makes.

“I’m sorry but I just cannot stand this girl. A lot of her content lately is “working” at minimum wage jobs for free. She has to be deleting comments because the entire comment section is raving about how “charitable” she is for “working” at all these places like Kroger, Dollar Tree, etc. for free,” it reads.

“To me it just seems like a really weird attempt at getting clout. Or she’ll purposely act obnoxious to get kicked out of stores and restaurants and then tip the staff hundreds of dollars to make them feel bad. If you’ve never seen her, watch some of her vids and you’ll see what I mean. Insanely odd.

“She does get a lot of views, but also a lot of her videos don’t get nearly as many likes so what she’s doing can’t really be paying off tbh.”

Others took to the comments to share their thoughts, with one user surprised that she hasn’t been banned from anywhere yet.

“I’ve seen her videos and honestly I’m surprised that nobody has banned her from their establishments, especially since she sees how long she can stay and eat, but she’s weird and so is her boyfriend or ex boyfriend,” they commented.

Another commented that she’s a “weirdo making weirdo content,” but made it clear that they’re not bothered by her videos.

They said: “Meh, she’s just a weirdo making weirdo content. Like most things on tiktok, she wouldn’t be doing it if she didn’t have an audience and a chance to get rich from it. That said, she somehow does not bother me and I watch every one of her bizarre videos.”

A third user made it clear that they enjoy Madison’s buffet videos but refuse to watch any of the womans “working for free” uploads.

In one of her most recent videos, ugh_madison went viral after managing to run a full marathon inside of a Costco.