Voyboy reveals new evidence against Hashinshin after he pleads for Twitch unban

Lawrence Scotti

League of Legends streamer Joedat ‘Voyboy’ Esfahani claims to have found new evidence against Robert ‘Hashinshin’ Brotz, as the latter eyes a Twitch comeback following a permanent ban. 

Back in July 2020, popular LoL streamer Hashinshin received a permanent ban from Twitch after accusations of grooming minors within the game’s community came to light.

Many big streamers like Voyboy and Mohammad ‘Yassuo’ Abdalrhman took a public stance against Hashinshin as the accusations surfaced.

The former accused Hashinshin of being a “manipulator, predator, and worst of all pedophile” in a tweet on July 20, 2021.

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Since then, Hashinshin has begun a new campaign to rally his remaining followers to help him get unbanned from the platform in an attempt to revive his streaming career.

Voyboy’s new video on Hashinshin

In response to Hashinshin’s recent attempt at being unbanned from Twitch, Voyboy has made a new hour-long video that compiles the claims of seven accusors that state Hashinshin groomed them as minors.

Voyboy kicks off the video explaining: “The reason I’m recording this video has nothing to do with me personally. From the beginning, I’ve simply wanted to give a platform and voice to the victims who either might not have one, might not get their word out there.

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“Might get their stories overshadowed, might get harassed and attacked by all the gaslighters and manipulators out there that continually deny the victims of a predator’s stories and proven accounts.”

The lengthy video goes through seven different accounts of alleged victims who claim Hashinshin manipulated them while they were minors. Voyboy rifles through tons of privates messages that span across Discord, Twitter, and Twitch.

Voyboy and HashinshinInstagram: voyboy, hashinshin
Voyboy’s newest video speaking out about Hashinshin is an hour long.

Voyboy also claims that Hashinshin is trying to benefit from the drama of the moment, saying: “He’s trying to create a ‘Voyboy vs. Hashinshin’ drama” as Voyboy shows the tons of response videos Hashinshin has made with Voyboy’s name in the title.

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Hashinshin’s attempts to be unbanned from Twitch remain unanswered as his channel still has a permanent ban placed on it, at the time of writing.

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