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New League of Legends champion Vex leaked: release date, Gloomy Mage abilities

Published: 16/Jul/2021 4:56 Updated: 16/Jul/2021 5:25

by Isaac McIntyre


The next League of Legends champion, the gloomy mage, has been unveiled early, with new Sentinels of Light leaks revealing Vex ⁠— previously thought to be called “Norra” ⁠— will become the latest LoL character to debut on Summoner’s Rift in Season 11.

The Ruination event is in full swing in LoL right now.

Late last year, Riot Games promised everything regarding League of Legends ⁠— events, champion releases, and updates ⁠— would be related to a game-wide event, the “Sentinels of Light”. So far they’ve kept to their promise with new characters Viego, Gwen, and Akshan being main characters in the Ruination storyline.


It looks like 2021’s next character will be the same too; new League of Legends leaks have finally given us a look at the “gloomy mage” first teased way back in June 2020, though there’s been some changes.

Here’s everything we know about LoL’s 157th champion.

Yordle mage teaser LoL Norra
Riot Games
The original “Gloomy Mage” teasers only revealed Vex’s looming shadows.

Who is Vex, the Gloomy Mage?

Little is known specifically about “Vex” at the moment.

There’s a popular League theory floating around, however, that the Gloomy Mage is Yuumi’s missing master. The yordle disappeared by using the Book of Thresholds (the one Yuumi flies on) to “teleport to a dangerous place.”

According to the early lore tidbits and Riot leaks, the character loves to go on explorations “across the material and spirit realms.”


Riot originally teased that the gloomy mage would “rather be alone”. Accompanying visuals depicted a portal outside Bandle City to the Shadow Isles, akin to one the Book of Thresholds could possibly open. Since then, the champion’s design (and maybe lore) has been altered slightly.

However, Vex will still be a Yordle with “a big part to play in Viego’s story.”

Gloomy mage “burst” abilities

Dexerto can reveal Vex has changed slightly since her first teaser. Originally, the game’s 14th yordle champion was to be some kind of “artillery mage.”

This would have made her similar to popular hyper-carry Kog’Maw. The Riot dev team pivoted away from this mid-design, however, and turned Vex into more of a “traditional burst mage.”It was this shift that delayed her release date.


There is a slice of info we know about Vex’s abilities. “She gets annoyed as hell with hyperactive champions dashing all around her. It’s enough to make her get serious and start clobbering all lifeforms full of irritating happiness dashing around her like pesky flies”. Some kind of dash reduction or slow, perhaps?

Yordles in League of Legends often boasts elemental or spiritual magic. Dexerto expects Champ 157 will follow this convention with her core abilities too.

Norra leaked concept art League of Legends
Reddit: /u/Zernii
The Yordle mage was first revealed months ago in a Riot Games artwork leak.

Leaked Vex skins

Vex was originally expected to be released with a Ruination-themed event skin, either “Sentinel” or “Ruined.”

New Riot Games comments have cast doubts over those original theories, however; according to dev Ryan ‘Reav3’ Mireles, the Gloomy Mage will be “shipped with a future event [read, not Sentinels of Light], and will get a skin within that skinline.”


Dexerto has not yet heard what the next 2021 event will be.

Karma is among five champions joining the Odyssey skin line this update.
Riot Games
Last year’s closing League of Legends event was the “Odyssey” sequel story.

Vex’s LoL release date

We likely won’t see Vex anytime soon; Riot has shifted the Gloomy Mage back in the LoL release order slightly, meaning Akshan is next up on the schedule.

Lead champion producer Ryan Mirales revealed on Reddit that Vex will indeed be part of the Sentinel of Light event beyond the story. He then added another comment days later, confirming she will instead be “part of a future event”. That suggests we may not actually see her drop after Akshan who debuts on July 22 ⁠— as was originally speculated.

Once the release date is officially locked in ⁠— either via a Riot Games announcement or through @lol_insider leaks ⁠— we’ll update you as soon as possible.