Hashinshin permanantly banned on Twitch after grooming allegations

Jacob Hale
Voyboy and Hashinshin

[jwplayer o5qjAHkA]Popular League of Legends streamer Robert ‘Hashinshin’ Brotz has denied grooming accusations made against him by a number of figures in the community.

Update July 22 at 4:50 PM PT

Hashinshin’s Twitch account has been permanently banned following the accusations of grooming and predatory behavior by multiple people in the community.

A look into the ban indicates the Affiliate and Partner status have been removed, as Twitch took quick decisive action against the streamer.


The former-Twitch streamer confirmed the ‘indefinite permanent ban’ and said he will work toward earning the community’s forgiveness.

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Hashinshin has developed a large brand in the League of Legends scene, accruing over half a million followers on Twitch since he started streaming in 2012.

On July 15, a video was posted to YouTube that claimed to “expose all the sexual misconduct of Hashinshin,” with a roundup of screenshots and accusations levied against him by those close to him.

Accusations against Brotz gained further traction on July 17, when Twitter user Catlys posted a Google Docs page that shared her experience with Hashinshin, in which she alleges he would groom and frequently sexualize her despite being between the ages of 15-16 at the time of their conversations.

Over the following days, a number of high-profile League of Legends personalities, including Moe ‘Yassuo’ Abdalrhman and Joedat ‘Voyboy’ Esfahan, came out to show support with the victims and call out Hashinshin for his ‘predatory’ behavior.

In the early hours of July 22, the streamer addressed accusations made against him, saying that he has “done nothing illegal, just been a sh*tty human” and saying that he “denies grooming. That is a crime.”

He goes on to state that he can’t apologize because “you guys are saying if I apologize I’m apologizing for what you’re accusing me of, not of what I’m apologizing for.”


This came just a day after Hashinshin’s initial response, in which he claimed that the backlash drove him to attempt suicide, apologized for his actions but denied grooming.

While the issue is still ongoing, Hashinshin posted a video to YouTube addressing Voyboy’s tweet, appearing distressed and providing a timeline of recent events.

In the video, he also claims that some of the evidence used against him has been doctored, and that a carbon monoxide leak in his home between 2010-2018 “left his brain in a very fogged state.”

Regardless of Brotz’ denial of the allegations, other major names in the League scene are taking the accusations very seriously.