SteveWillDoIt changes homeless man’s life with apartment, job & $25k

Jacob Hale
SteveWillDoIt changes homeless man's life Gerald

YouTuber SteveWillDoIt has helped set up a homeless Vietnam veteran with a whole new life, including an apartment, a new job and $25,000.

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SteveWillDoIt (real name Steve Deleonardis) has become somewhat of an online sensation since joining pranksters the NELK Boys, with whom his antics have often come under scrutiny: but now, he’s making headlines for the best reason possible.

Having met a homeless man in New York City, Steve found out that Gerald was actually a veteran from the Vietnam war, and instantly decided he wanted to change his life.

So, that’s what Steve did, and may have just helped set up Gerald to live out the rest of his years in happiness and comfort.

SteveWillDoIt Kyle Forgeard Nelk
Steve can often be found pranking people and causing mayhem with the NELK Boys — but clearly hes got a soft side, too.

After taking the once-homeless man out for a spin in his Tesla and Chevrolet Corvette, Steve decided to take Gerald to see his new Florida apartment, and it’s instantly noticeable how much the offer means to Gerald, who can’t believe his luck.

That wasn’t all, though: Steve went on to confirm that he was lining Gerald up a job just two miles away from the apartment, and that his mom would be setting up a bank account with $25,000 in it to help keep him going. He did add, however, that she would be controlling the finances and making sure it’s being used correctly.

Throughout, Gerald can’t stop expressing his shock, emotionally explaining how much Steve is changing his life, even saying at one point that “he took a homeless person and made him feel like somebody.”

Just a few days later, Steve drove out to visit Gerald on his second day of the job, which he describes as “the best job ever,” and his employers couldn’t speak any higher of him either.

We’ve seen YouTubers give homeless people cash or various gifts in the past, but we rarely see one work so hard to help someone fully land on their feet and get back to normality, and now we can really only root for Gerald to keep up his hard work.