Viral TikTok creeps out viewers as Tesla detects ‘ghosts’ in cemetery

Virginia Glaze
Tesla detects ghosts in abandoned cemetery viral tiktok

A TikToker is going viral after recording a clip of their Tesla detecting pedestrians while rolling through a seemingly-empty graveyard.

TikTok is a hive for content of all kinds. From viral dance challenges to must-try pasta recipes and more, the video app has something for everyone.

However, sometimes TikTokers upload content that takes everyone by surprise, as seen when user ‘iam3dgar’ apparently proved the existence of ghosts… all thanks to their Tesla’s trusty pedestrian detection feature.

Some Tesla models come equipped with a system that can detect nearby pedestrians and warn them that the vehicle is approaching by emitting a sound, as electric cars tend to operate fairly quietly.
Some Teslas come equipped with a Pedestrian Warning System, which detects nearby pedestrians and emits a sound to warn them the car is approaching.

Tesla detects ghosts in abandoned cemetery viral tiktok

Drivers can see pedestrians show up on their navigation system on the cars’ digital console, as well, usually represented as a simple, gray model of a person.

TikToker ‘iam3dgar’ put this tool to the test while driving through an empty cemetery. After a few seconds of driving, their navigation system showed a “pedestrian” appear on the screen, although no one was standing to the right of the car.

The video has racked up over 12 thousand views at the time of writing, with some commenters convinced that the TikToker captured evidence of otherworldly beings.

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Unfortunately for lovers of the supernatural, it looks like this is probably just a malfunction of Tesla’s collision warning system, which could be detecting objects or people that aren’t actually present.

Another theory presented suggests that the Tesla’s pedestrian warning tool could be mistaking the headstones or other objects for people.

Either way, it certainly makes for a spine-chilling discovery… but we’re not so sure it’s as shocking as Elon Musk becoming a major stockholder in Twitter.

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