Twitch star Amouranth praises Elon Musk for $3 billion Twitter purchase

Amouranth praises Elon Musk's twitter purchasePixabay/Instagram/Amouranth

Popular Twitch streamer-turned-entrepreneur Kaitlyn ‘Amouranth’ Siragusa is praising Elon Musk for buying 9% of Twitter instead of creating his own platform.

Amouranth has become quite the businesswoman in recent years, flaunting her extravagant acquisitions on social media.

The hot tub streamer has become the owner of a gas station, a plastic ball company and has bought a ton of stock, including $2M of Activision-Blizzard.

Now, with Elon Musk’s $3B purchase of 9% of Twitter, Siragusa has praised the Tesla founder for what she believes to be a “great pickup.”

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Amouranth makes investmentsInstagram/Amouranth
Amouranth has become extremely business savvy.

Amouranth explains why Elon Musk’s Twitter buy was so good

Taking to her personal Twitter account, the Twitch star outlined why she was thrilled about Elon’s massive purchase.

“Twitter’s utility as a platform far exceeds its market value. The problem is Twitter’s cashflow and product innovation and monetization efforts have been super disappointing,” she explained. “Facebook would buy it if not for anti-trust. Mark [Zuckerberg] literally called it a goldmine.”

She further addressed Elon’s decision to buy Twitter instead of creating his own platform, remarking how this method was way more cost-effective.

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“Elon didn’t try to build, he bought because he knows the replacement cost for Twitter far exceeds its price in the open market,” she said. “It would cost more to replicate the ecosystem + network effects.”

Furthermore, she was happy to see Musk join Twitter’s board, commenting that it was like “watching the Avengers Assemble.”

So far, Musk has wasted little time in flexing his newly acquired share of the company and has planned some “significant improvements” to the site.

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Only time will tell if Amouranth’s superhero comparison holds up and Musk delivers after becoming the largest shareholder. In any case, it seems like Twitter is going to become a much more interesting platform now that Elon has such a prominent role.