“Vampire Woman” arrested for filming OnlyFans content with minors back after ban

Michael Gwilliam
onlyfans vampire woman

An OnlyFans model known as the “Vampire Woman” is back on the platform after she was arrested for allegedly filming videos with minors.

Luisa Espinoza was arrested by National Police in Ecuador after word got out that she had been making OnlyFans content with underage individuals.

According to Yahoo News, on February 28, raids were carried out in Guayaquil and Daule, leading to the arrest of Espinoza and two other individuals. Police also seized electronic items containing 10,000 videos and images featuring minors.

Back in December, Espinoza reportedly uploaded a video to her OnlyFans account where she allowed underage students to “touch her breasts.” She is also accused of grooming minors on social media and sharing the content with people from other countries.

She has since denied the allegations and spent two months in jail before being released with an electronic tag preventing her from leaving the country. That’s seemingly given her plenty of time to be vocal on social media, as she complained about “scammers” going after what fans she still has.

onlyfans vampire woman
The OnlyFans model has been arrested, but only served two months in jail.

Banned OnlyFans Vampire Woman makes new account

Since her arrest, OnlyFans banned the model, as it has others who violate its terms and conditions.

With just a handful of social media accounts left, Espinoza warned that fake accounts were using her name, voicing displeasure via Instagram.

“I want to remind you that I don’t have Telegram,” she reportedly captioned a photo of a fake profile. “I only have this Instagram account and the TikTok account. Don’t be fooled, this is the account that is scamming.”

Despite being banned on OnlyFans, she seems to have created a new account where she has just eight posts and charges users $30 for access. This comes after users campaigned to get the account banned and even created a Change.org petition to do so.

So far, OF hasn’t taken the profile down, and it’s not clear if the platform has let her back. Dexerto has reached out to OnlyFans for comment.

Espinoza is hardly the first OnlyFans model to be banned. Infamously, a teacher in Arizona was fired and had her OF terminated when she filmed a video on students’ desks in school.

Another had her account purged after making content with a viewer and didn’t realize he hadn’t turned eighteen yet. The model would go on to say she hoped he “enjoyed himself.”