OnlyFans star under fire for filming video with minor and hoping he “enjoyed himself”

onlyfans model michelle comi faces backlashInstagram/michelle_comi

An OnlyFans model is facing backlash after she accidentally filmed a video with one of her subscribers, who actually happened to be a minor.

We’ve seen plenty of weird OnlyFans stories over the years, such as teachers filming content on students’ desks and models getting copyright strikes from IHOP, but this may be the strangest story yet.

Italian OnlyFans star Michelle Comi gave her followers the opportunity of a lifetime to be in a video with her for content… but the viewer she ended up picking was actually underage.

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According to the model, after several selections she ended up choosing the fan and met with him to record the video, but only after doing so, discovered the truth about his age.

OnlyFans model responds to backlash for filming with minor

In a TikTok video translated by the Irish Mirror, Comi explained that she hadn’t had her fan sign the paperwork until after the video was filmed and didn’t realize he hadn’t turned 18 yet.

“He skipped his year of birth, 2005,” he said. “For obvious reasons, the video cannot be distributed. In fact, it really shouldn’t exist. And indeed it was canceled.”

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The model went on to take responsibility, claiming that the whole situation was her fault and she should have made him sign everything a lot sooner.

onlyfans model michelle comiInstagram/michelle_comi
The OnlyFans model said she filmed the video by mistake.

“I’m looking for a partner again now. The boy got smart, but I hope he at least enjoyed himself,” she added.

Since the controversy, Comi hasn’t stayed out of the news for long. Just recently, she and a fellow creator were spotted filming a video together in a grocery store, of all things.

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So far, it’s not clear if the model will be facing any legal consequences for her actions or if the authorities are investigating the incident, but it should be noted that Italy’s age of consent is 14.

Nonetheless, this should serve as a good reminder for content creators to have fans sign contracts before they make videos together.

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