Elderly lady confronts OnlyFans model for making “loud” content in her car

onlyfans model confronted by neighborTwitter/amberrodonnell

An OnlyFans model is going viral for all the wrong reasons after her elderly neighbor called her out for making loud content in her car and being topless in her window.

OnlyFans models always seem to be getting into some controversy, even when it doesn’t make any sense.

While the platform is the big money maker for plenty of these models, they often use other platforms such as Twitch and TikTok to help promote their content.

In a recent video, OnlyFans Amber O’Donnell was filming a TikTok in her car about making pancakes when suddenly her elderly neighbor showed up with an axe to grind.

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Neighbor slams OnlyFans model over “loud” TikToks

As Amber began filming the video in her car, there was a knock at the window, prompting the OnlyFans star to ask if she was okay, but didn’t get the response she was looking for.

“You need to stop now. You’re being really loud. I just got home from work and all I can hear is you,” the woman explained.

Amber responded by saying she was just making a TikTok for her job, but the neighbor didn’t want to hear it and accused the model of “always” making videos.

“I’ve just come from my actual job and I really don’t want to hear it. You’re in your windows with your t*ts out and I’ve had enough,” she blasted. It’s not just me who thinks it, it’s the rest of the neighbors as well. They’re clear, it’s all I can see is you, every f**king day!”

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Eventually, the neighbor walked off, leaving Amber in disbelief.

OnlyFans model accuses neighbors of snooping on her

After The Daily Mail covered the story, the OnlyFans model went on the offensive, accusing her neighbors of being nosey.

“I would only ever be naked in my house if I was just getting out the shower or getting changed which I am entitled to do, my neighbors aren’t even directly in view of my bedroom window so it’s clear they go out of their way to snoop,” she said.

The model also took issue with anyone suggesting the video was fake, remarking, “I had filmed several TikTok’s in my car before this one, which is why she ‘conveniently’ interrupts the video, it’s not staged, she just doesn’t like me and will jump at any opportunity to argue with me.”

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Amber is just the latest in a long line of OnlyFans stars who have upset members of the public. Just recently, a gym terminated an OF model for taking a photo in the changing rooms and before that, a school suspended a boy after finding his mother’s videos.