OnlyFans responds after banning teacher caught filming content on students’ desks

Khloe Karter banned from onlyfans for teacher contentTwitter

OnlyFans has responded after banning a teacher who was fired from her job after students caught her filming videos on their classroom desks with her husband.

Samantha Peer, also known by her stage name ‘Khloe Karter’ made headlines earlier this month after it was discovered that she had been filming OnlyFans videos at Thunderbolt Middle School.

When news of the science teacher’s afterschool activities was exposed on TikTok, parents were outraged and demanded she lose her job, resulting in her termination.

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Despite the teacher apologizing and claiming she only made the content to support her family, OnlyFans mysteriously banned her.

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“So it seems OnlyFans deactivated both accounts (refunded all customers/subscribers) and is blocking me from making new accounts,” she explained on Twitter.

Now, however, OnlyFans has responded to the ban and shared some insight into why she was removed from the platform.

OnlyFans responds to banning teacher for filming videos in class with husband

According to a report from Fox News, when speaking with OnlyFans, the site gave some hints as to why Peer had been suspended.

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While OF said it wouldn’t comment on specific accounts and bans, the platform suggested looking over its policy that prohibits sexual content that is produced in a public place.

OnlyFans Acceptable Use Policy states that users shouldn’t “record in or broadcast from a public place where members of the public are reasonably likely to see the activities being performed.”

khloe karter onlyfans teacher in schoolInstagram/khloetheaccountant
Khloe Karter was fired from the school and banned from OnlyFans.

Police have indicated that the videos Karter filmed were “presumably on Thunderbolt School Property” and an investigation is ongoing.

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Karter has since migrated her content to rival OF platforms in the wake of the ban and so far, she had yet to face any legal consequences for her actions.

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