Politician makes bank on OnlyFans rival amid investigation for stealing taxpayer money

Michael Gwilliam
politican becomes onlyfans modelInstagram/camilapolizzi

A politician under investigation for allegedly stealing taxpayer money is making some serious coin on the OnlyFans rival platform Arsmate.

35-year-old Camila Polizzi, a Chilean politician who ran for mayor of Concepción, Bío Bío Region, had joined Arsmate, an OnlyFans-style website, after demands from fans.

Polizzi has been under investigation for her alleged involvement in transferring taxpayer dollars to the En Ti Foundation, but that hasn’t exactly hurt her in the eyes of the public.

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The former mayoral candidate has frequently posted spicy bikini photos to Instagram and, after content demands by thirsty fans, decided to start posting on a site known as the ‘Chilean OnlyFans’ instead.

Politician starts adult content despite fraud charges

According to The Daily Star, Polizzi agreed to make adult content and announced her decision in an Instagram story.

“From today, I will only upload content on my private Arsmate account,” she said.

The account, which functions similarly to OnlyFans, requires users to fork over $24 per month to check out her photos and videos.

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Needless to say, there were quite a lot of conflicting opinions about the adult site. Despite the allegations, some viewers seemed to be a bit turned on by the politician’s antics, while others were furious.

“You stole my taxes and now you stole my heart. STEAL IT ALL FROM ME!” exclaimed one supporter.

“Steals 220 million that could have been used on people who have nothing,” another blasted.

“Embezzle my life,” someone else joked.

Polizzi, alongside four others and her ex-husband, is currently facing charges of fraud, falsification of public documents, money laundering, treasury fraud, and other allegations.

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She was under house arrest when she decided to join the adult website and has since gained hundreds of subscribers.

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