Valkyrae tells fans to ‘learn from her mistakes’ following health update

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Valkyrae Twitter selfie

Rachell ‘Valkyrae’ Hofstetter has been leaving fans worried in recent days due to various health issues. However, the YouTuber has claimed that she is the one to blame due to an ‘unhealthy’ lifestyle and asked others not to follow her example. 

As one of the streaming community’s most famous faces, Valkyrae is certainly used to having a lot on her plate. As well as balancing streaming with her social life, the YouTube streamer also started a rigorous fitness routine.

Having returned from Coachella, however, the 30-year-old regularly reported that she was feeling unwell. For example on April 20, Valkyrae tweeted that “this past weekend finally caught up to me.”

Six days later, Valkyrae was still under the weather, but she claimed that the blame ultimately rests on her, saying she was an “idiot” due to her unbalanced lifestyle.

Valkyrae at Coachella
Valkyrae started feeling unwell after she returned from Coachella

Valkyrae tells fans to be “better” than her

Since falling ill after attending Coachella, Valkyrae has posted a series of tweets giving fans an update about her health. Yet, by April 26, there was still no change and she was very aware that her routine is not helping her get any better.

“Yes, I’m still sick because I scream and stream and do shoots and workout with little water and lack of sleep. I’m an idiot. Be better than me and learn from my mistakes.”

Understandably, Valkyrae’s tweet left fans concerned for her health as they feared she was ‘pushing herself to the limit’ with her streaming schedule not helping matters. Many begged her to take care of herself by staying hydrated and getting some rest.

Twitch streamer Holden Stevenson was able to relate, agreeing “I’m the same way. I work, work out, stream, watch my shows, and then I get like 4 hrs of sleep. Just to wake up and do it all over again. Hope you feel better soon!”

Some fans suggested Valkyrae take some time away from streaming: “One or two weeks off would do you good.”

Valkyrae had previously mentioned that she would be taking a whole month away from streaming for an “exciting” project. Although, she later canceled her plans.

Valkyrae may be reluctant to take a break in case it causes any disappointment among her viewers, as well as loss in earnings. However, her fans have reassured her that they will be ready to welcome her back if she does take some time away to recover.

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