Valkyrae confirms return after short break from streaming

Shay Robson
Valkyrae sat at her desk wearing a grey sweater

YouTube star Valkyrae has confirmed she’ll be returning to streaming after going on a short hiatus to spend time with family.

Whether it be burnout, stress, injuries, or just to take a step away, sometimes our favorite content creators need a bit of a break — especially considering some put in more hours than a full-time job.

With that said, it’s not uncommon to see them take a break every once and a while to refresh themselves, with notably the likes of Asmongold and League of Legends star Faker notably needing to take a rest in recent times.

Likewise, YouTube star Valkyrae took a step away from her desk at the beginning of July, leaving to head to Germany for her cousin’s wedding and to spend time with family. Now, after a little break, the YouTuber streamer has confirmed when she’s set to make her return.

Valkyrae confirms when she is returning to streaming

On July 16, Valkyrae responded to one of her fans expressing how they’re patiently awaiting her return — confirming she’s set to go live in just a couple of days.

“Got some crazy streams planned this week when I’m back,” she replied. “I’m excited!!! Just a few more days.”

It’s fair to say fans were absolutely thrilled, with many showing their excitement for the streamer’s return. “So excited for the streams, can’t wait to see what you’ve got planned!” one fan wrote. “I’ll be counting the days. I’m excited,” said another.

Furthermore, according to an Instagram story on July 16, the 100 Thieves co-owner is currently in Germany, spending some quality time with her family, and is expecting to return home in just a few days.

“Will be home from Germany in 2 more days!” a story caption read. “First time traveling to spend time with family and not worrying about streaming/content/work for once.”

She added: “I feel so rejuvenated and excited to get back home and stream. I have a few stories to share.”

Over the course of the past eight years, Valkyrae has established herself as one of the biggest names in the streaming world. It’s unclear if she intends to stream on the day she returns home from her trip. However, we’re sure fans will show up in the masses regardless of whenever she goes live again.