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Valkyrae teases another “crazy” project after Corpse Husband & MGK music video

Published: 20/Mar/2021 15:04

by Georgina Smith


After her appearance in the music video for Machine Gun Kelly and Corpse Husband’s new song ‘DAYWALKER!’ streamer Valkyrae has revealed that she’s already been offered another “crazy” project.

On March 11, Machine Gun Kelly and internet star Corpse Husband released their song ‘DAYWALKER!’ which proved to be an enormous hit among fans. However, due to the fact that Corpse chooses to keep his appearance under wraps, they needed someone to play his part in the video.

That’s where Rachel ‘Valkyrae’ Hofstetter came in, stepping up to play the part of her streamer friend. She was actually requested specifically by MGK, making the opportunity all the more exciting.


The video was finally released on March 18, and it’s safe to say that fans absolutely loved the streamer’s performance, along with others in the streaming community who sent countless messages of support and praise to all of the artists involved.

Valkyrae’s huge role in this video has got fans wondering what other opportunities could be lined up for the streamer next. It appears that great new things are already in store.

In a post on her second Twitter account on March 19, Rae wrote, “There’s no way I just got asked to do another crazy thing… literally in 5 days…”


And it looks as though she has every intention of taking the opportunity. “I can’t say no,” she added. I gotta do it. I’m gonna throw up lol, what is happening… I’m tired but here we go again.”

Friends and fans sent their congratulations Valkyrae’s way, but so far she’s not given any clues away as to what it could be.

Whether it’s another acting appearance in a music video, or something else entirely is currently unclear. But with the success of DAYWALKER! viewers just know that the streamer will do a fantastic job.


The music video has gained 4.7 million views within just a few days of being posted, and attracted the focus of the entire streaming community on the day of its release.