Ranboo’s alt Twitch account blows up instantly as fans find it

Ranboo on TwitchYouTube: Ranboo

Minecraft YouTuber and streamer Ranboo has kept his fans guessing by creating an alt account on Twitch, but not making it very easy to track down.

Ranboo has quickly shot up the charts on Twitch, becoming one of the most-watched and fastest-growing channels.

His main account, RanbooLive, has gained almost 500,000 new followers in only the past 30 days, at the time of this article. But, like some other Minecraft creators, Ranboo wanted to make an alt account on Twitch too.

We’ve seen this with GeorgeNotFound as well, although he ran into some issues with his alt Twitch account, as the platform actually banned it, not once, but twice, over issues with the username.

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GeorgeNotFound banned from TwitchYouTube: GeorgeNotFound
GeorgeNotFound’s alt account on Twitch was actually banned twice.

Regardless, Ranboo wanted an alt account of his own Twitch, but didn’t make it very well-publicized at first, leaving his viewers scrambling to find where it was.

Ranboo’s alt Twitch account

The account is simply called ‘Ranboobutnot’, with the channel description reading “It is not me. I swear!”

At first, Ranboo didn’t reveal the name of his Twitch alt, so fans had to try to work it out on their own. He was amazed to see that over 17,000 people managed to successfully find the channel and follow it.

Eventually, Ranboo confirmed this was the correct account name – on his alt Twitter account. Although it has over 500,000 followers, some fans may not be following this Twitter account either.

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Hopefully, Ranboo won’t run into any similar issues as GeorgeNotfound. Although, Twitch has now reverse his ban and both his main and alt accounts are available again.

Ranboo’s first stream on his alt account was watching a movie, so it looks like he’ll be using his second Twitch channel to stream ‘alternative content, while RanbooLive will be used primarily for his Minecraft streams.