Valkyrae reveals DMs with Noah Schnapp about Among Us stream with Corpse

Valkyrae Stranger Things Among UsYouTube: Valkyrae, Gage Skidmore, InnerSloth

YouTube sensation Rachell ‘Valkyrae’ Hofstetter has revealed that she’s been chatting to Stranger Things actor, Noah Schnapp, in order to set up a possible Among Us stream.

Valkyrae is one of the top Among Us streamers, or at least was when it was the biggest game in streaming.

Her crazy antics, coupled with her personality, contributed to her explosive rise in on YouTube, often playing Among Us. It even earned her a spot playing alongside iconic ‘Tonight Show’ talk host, Jimmy Fallon.

And this guest spot has inspired one of the other celebrities who joined the show to jump into outer space with Rae. Noah Schnapp, star of Netflix’s sci-fi behemoth ‘Stranger Things,’ is looking to get in on the action.

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ValkyraeTwitter: Valkyrae
Valkyrae has revealed that Noah Schnapp has slipped into the DMs.

Valkyrae to play Among Us with Stranger Things star

It turns out that Valkyrae and Noah have been exchanging dms about a possible Among Us stream for quite some time, but the results have been… strange.

“I’m having just the weirdest conversation with Noah…” she confesses. “So like two months ago we were supposed to play Among Us and then he said he was busy. I was like ‘okay, let me know what day and time and we can play in a lobby.’ That was April 12.”

She says Schnapp messaged her on May 27 and said “‘let’s do it, when should we do it?’ Do what b*tch?! It’s been two months! What do you mean?!”

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Going on to suggest that they should maybe play another game due to Among Us’ dip in popularity, she asks “when are you available? Corpse wants to play too. And then he said ‘what game?'”

(Topic begins at 13:58)

Totally baffled but still up to jump into a lobby, Valkyrae said “thinking about the Jimmy Fallon show, I can’t imagine it going well if we play a different game.”

“I said ‘Corpse thinks that Among Us would be easiest for us to play and people love watching and it’s still just fun hanging out… Is there any game you prefer?'”

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“He’s probably going to be like ‘no, it’s cool, we can play Among Us, I’ll let you know when I’m available’ and then he’s going to ghost me. Again. So that’s how I’m thinking this is going to go.”

While the prospect of an Among Us comeback with Rae, Corpse and Noah sounds like it could be a great idea, even if he does seem a little bit sus. We’ll need to wait and see if anything comes of this bizarre conversation, but you never know, stranger things have happened!