Photo of Valkyrae meeting Corpse Husband in real life debunked

Valkyrae meets Corpse Husband

Fans were shocked after a photo supposedly showing 100 Thieves co-owner and streaming sensation Rachell ‘Valkyrae’ Hoffstetter with faceless YouTube star Corpse Husband surfaced online – but it’s not what it seems.

It’s hardly a secret that streaming duo Corpse Husband and Valkyrae have a pretty close relationship both on and off-screen.

The faceless YouTuber even asked Valkyrae to feature in the music video for ‘DAYAWALKER’, his collaboration with Machine Gun Kelly.

While meeting up in real life would make sense after all of this time, fans of the Amigops pair spiraled out of control when an image supposedly showing Rae and Corpse appeared online.

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Valkyrae as Corpse Husband in Daywalker music video with Machine Gun KellyYouTube: MGK
Valkyrae truly embodied Corpse  in the DAYWALKER! video.

On May 25, after several hints that Corpse would finally meet Valkyrae in real life, a photo surfaced of a masked Rae standing next to who many automatically assumed to be the anonymous YouTuber himself.

Heavily cropped, the image shows Rae posing next to someone with black curly hair wearing a black hoodie. One of the only glimpses we’ve caught of Corpse in real life is a strand of his hair, which is indeed a deep ebony and wavy.

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Automatically, fans went wild and assumed that this was the iconic meet-up that they had been waiting for. Those who got excited, though, quickly had their hopes dashed.

Turns out, this isn’t Corpse.

Who is the mystery figure?

The myth that this shadowy figure was Corpse Husband was quickly dispelled, but it left fans asking: who is this person?

Some presumed from the curly hair that it was beauty guru Bretman Rock, who met up with Rae and TikTok star Bella Poarch on May 15th to celebrate the release of ‘Build a Bitch.’

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Another fan claimed to have seen the whole image, writing that this mystery man was, indeed, just a regular fan. Not Corpse.

Situations like this are just further proof that you shouldn’t believe what you see on the internet.

Corpse Husband is obviously very keen to keep his life fairly private, and Valkyrae herself has explained how severe his “fear” of people is.