Valkyrae responds to Zelina Vega’s offer of WWE WrestleMania cameo

Emma Hill
Zelina Vega and with Valkyrae drinking from teacup

YouTuber Rachell ‘Valkyrae’ Hofstetter has shared her surprise after WWE star Zelina Vega (a.k.a. Thea Trinidad Büdgen) offered to have her as her “tag partner” at WrestleMania.

Valkyrae sent fans wild after announcing she will be showing off her boxing skills at the next Creator Clash following Justaminx’s huge success with the event.

Since then, fans have speculated just how far Valkyrae will go in the ring. Pro-wrestler Zelina Vega even claimed that if Valkyrae wants to have her try in WWE she would be welcome to “hop” into the sport.

Then, one of our TikTok’s speculating whether Valkyare would ever take up the offer caught Vega’s attention. She then not only doubled down on the suggestion but offered to “teach” the YouTuber how to prepare for a WWE fight.

Zelina Vega offers to train Valkyrae for WWE

On July 19, Vega reached out to Valkyrae saying that after watching the TikTok she would love to have the YouTuber join her in the WWE ring.

“I peeped that TikTok lol,” said Queen Zelina. “Valkyrae needs to quit playing. She can be my tag partner that doesn’t abandon me at WrestleMania.”

However, quickly responded with confusion asking which TikTok she was referring to.

Vega didn’t stop there, however. Although she commended Valkyrae for wanting to try her hand at boxing, she also said that she would be welcome to team up if she ever wished to go a step further and make a WWE cameo.

Valkyrae certainly wouldn’t be the only creator to make the switch. Her fellow YouTuber and Cruiserweight boxer Logan Paul is set to make an appearance at SummerSlam 2022 after signing a multi-year WWE contract.

Valkyrae hasn’t made any further comments about a potential WWE cameo as of writing. However, fans are nonetheless eager for a collab between her and Queen Zelina.