JustaMinx reveals hilarious coaching mishap during iDubbbz Creator Clash

minx-boxing-coach-mishapTwitch: JustaMinx

JustaMinx was one of the standout performers during iDubbbz Creator Clash. However, she had to fight the last round drenched in ice-cold water thanks to a hilarious coaching mishap.

On May 14, iDubbbz hosted Creator Clash, an influencer boxing event for charity. It had nine fights, including one between JustaMinx and Yodeling Haley, which was the first female influencer boxing fight in history.

It was an even contest between them for the most part. However, Minx’s determination and grit shone through in the fourth round. Despite losing a contact lens that rendered her unable to see, she still won via TKO.

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Hilariously, though, Minx revealed that when she tried to flag the contact lens issue with her coach between rounds, they hilariously thought she meant something else and started pouring cold water on her back.

Twitch: EsfandTV / Creator Clash
iDubbbz Creator Clash was entertaining from start to finish.

“I say to my coach, I’m like: ‘I can’t see! ‘I can’t see!'” she said during a Twitch stream the following day.

“This motherf**ker, he thinks I say I can’t breathe, and so he grabs my shorts, and he’s like, ‘Put water on her back! Put water on her back!” It helps you breathe.’

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“He starts pouring water on my back, and I’m just shaking my head. You can see me shaking my head. I’m like, ‘No! I can’t see!'”

Unfortunately for Minx, the coach didn’t hear properly in time. The bell soon rang, and she had to return to the ring.

“Hearing that bell when no one would understand me, I couldn’t see, and they were pouring ice-cold water on my back and pulling my pants when all I wanted was a f**king contact lens in my eye. I was like, ‘What the f**k?”

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Despite the hilarious mishap though, it wasn’t enough to stop her from winning. Minx still secured the victory in style. She threw one bomb after another and kept chipping away at Haley until the referee ended the fight.

She also shared a wholesome moment with her father after the bout. He called her to tell her that he was “so proud” of her performance in the ring and commended her “resilience,” which brought a tear to her eye.

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