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Valkyrae gifts $5k worth of Twitch subs to boost Kkatamina subathon

Published: 12/Nov/2021 15:35

by Connor Bennett


Streaming star Rachel ‘Valkyrae’ Hofstetter chipped in a big way to help her pal Miyoung ‘Kkatamina’ Kim’s subathon with $5,000 worth of Twitch subs that left the streamer stunned. 

Ever since Ludwig ‘Ludwig’ Ahgren held his record-breaking subathon back in March and April, countless Twitch streamers have been jumping on board with their own.

Not many streamers have gone to the lengths that Ludwig have – many of these subathons only last a few days rather than a few weeks – but fans are still eager to support their favorite creators.

By gifting subscriptions and chipping in with Twitch bits, viewers are able to add time to the subathon countdown. In the case of Kkatamina, she hasn’t put a cap on the length of her subathon, which means it’ll run and run as long as the subscriptions roll in.


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Her stream had already been live for a few days, but her pal Valkyrae made sure that the countdown would have a fair bit of time added to it as she dropped $5,000 worth of Twitch subs on to viewers.

The 100 Thieves co-owner interrupted Miyoung’s playthrough of Dark Souls 3, prompting her to put a slight pause on the game. “Oh my god, she’s actually insane, she’s going crazy,” the streamer said as Valkyrae dubbed herself ‘Oprae’ in reference to Oprah’s gift-giving.

“Oprae, please stop. Oprae, no more,” Miyoung added, begging her pal to stop. “Oh god, I’m actually getting light-headed. Oprae, don’t! You can stop.”


Naturally, she didn’t oblige and carried on gifting subs, just adding hours and hours on top of Miyoung’s ongoing countdown.

It remains to be seen just how long it’ll run for but as we’ve seen before, countless times, there are plenty of devious fans who love to add on time just as the stream looks set to end.