Sykkuno trolls xQc with his own shadow on Phasmophobia

sykkuno beside xqcTwitch: Sykkuno/Twitter: xQc

During a spooky playthrough of Phasmophobia with Felix ‘xQc’ Lengyel, Sykkuno decided to have a little bit of fun with the streamer and troll him with his own shadow. 

Just in time for Halloween, creators all over Twitch have started playing their favorite horror games. According to TwitchTracker, Phasmophobia has definitely received some love from streamers and viewers alike. The game has seen an increase of over 1,000 streams and over 123,000 max viewers on October 25, compared to the day before.

During Sykkuno’s October 25 Twitch stream, xQc approached him on Discord to play Phasmophobia together, which quickly resulted in Sykkuno hilariously using Felix’s own shadow to scare him.

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Sykkuno trolls xQc with his own shadow

After the duo ran into a house to escape a ghost, Lengyel immediately employed a strategy to stay safe. “You hold the left door, I’ll hold the right door,” he instructed.

Sykkuno quickly questioned the creator’s emphasis on the doors, asking if ghosts can go through doors as they headed through the exit. As soon as the duo stepped outside, Felix screamed: “OMG I SEE A SHADOW! Look!”

Jumping on the chance to troll his friend, Sykkuno said: “A shadow? You’re right! There is a shadow right in front of you!”

The entire time xQc looked for the alleged shadow, Sykkuno attempted to hold back his laughter. “It’s his shadow,” he explained to his chat.

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After a few seconds of looking for the shadow, xQc turned to his friend and asked: “Is it me? I don’t see anything. I think it’s just me.”

The creator finally told Felix that he knew it was his shadow the whole time, and the duo went on their way to find the ghost they were initially after.

Phasmophobia isn’t the only horror game getting some love from streamers this season — Twitch is crawling with a slew of creepy games with equally hilarious moments from some of its top talent, and there’s still a week to go until Halloween!

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