Sykkuno freaks out after Valkyrae goes live on his streaming setup

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Sykkuno recently let Valkyrae borrow his streaming setup after her PC quit working, and freaked out after she started streaming while using it.

Valkyrae and Sykkuno have become close friends over the last few years, so close that Rae has known him longer than he’s been “famous.”

He also lives with Rae and others for part of the year while spending the rest of his time in Las Vegas, and to make it easier — he has a stream setup at both houses.

So when Valkyrae’s PC broke down just days before getting her new one, she got permission from Sykkuno to use his setup. As she went live, however, the YouTube Gaming star couldn’t help but freak out.

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Sykkuno freaks out after Valkyrae uses his stream setup

On January 15, Sykkuno was streaming when Valkyrae decided to go live on her own channel using his spare set up in Los Angeles.

After he tuned into the beginning of her stream, he realized that she didn’t change any of his OBS scenes to her own. This meant she was sporting his branding while she was getting ready to start streaming.

Rae explained that she also deleted his search history so nothing could be leaked: “I squinted, I went to the search history and [cleared it all]. I logged out of everything,” she said.

“He doesn’t have a display capture, this guy is so unnecessarily cautious, and for what? I feel like there’s nothing for him to leak anyways.

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(Topic starts at 1:49:36 in VOD)

“There are tons, you could leak your bank account. Idk if I’m freaking out more than I should, it just feels… ugh. I used to sit there guys. That was my chair,” he said.

Not having a display capture set in OBS would prevent Sykkuno from accidentally opening something on his computer that would show his bank account or home address.

Sykkuno went on to help Valkyrae with a few stream settings before they both went on with their respective broadcasts.

Rae won’t be on her friend’s streaming setup for too long, as popular PC-building company PowerGPU revealed on January 10 that her new PC is on the way.

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