UFC’s Paulo Costa backtracks Jake Paul fight offer after mocking “embarrassing” Luke Rockhold bout

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Paulo Costa’s victory against Luke Rockhold at UFC 278 came under fire from influencer-turned-boxer Jake Paul, sparking a potential fight between the two in the future. However, Costa has now backtracked on his offer to scrap it out.

Jake Paul is set to make his return to the ring in October, but that hasn’t stopped him from calling out UFC stars in the build-up to his next match and Paulo Costa seems to be next on his radar.

At UFC 278, Costa and Luke Rockhold put on the fight of the night in a bloody, brutal scrap that ended with Rockhold rubbing his blood all over his opponent’s face. It was wild, and for Jake Paul, worthy of critique.

After learning that Paul called the fight “embarrassing” and a “glorified street fight,” Costa didn’t hold back and issued a challenge to ‘The Problem Child’ to settle this dispute with their fists.

Paulo Costa calls out Jake Paul over “embarrassing” UFC fight

Not wasting any time, Costa threw down the gauntlet and told Jake Paul to get started on some paperwork to throw down.

“If this is the last one, Jake Paul is very welcome to send an offer or a contract and we can do this boxing fight,” he said. “I don’t know if he wants this blood, you know? I think he wants to fight wrestlers or something like that, I think.”

Costa may have been confusing Jake with his brother, Logan Paul, who recently signed with the WWE following a spectacular match at SummerSlam back in August. Regardless, the challenge is there.

But, on The MMA Hour, Costa said, “Jake Paul has been doing great things. He was just a YouTuber, he came into the fight business and has done great. It’s a big difference to fight wrestlers from MMA and strikers from MMA, and in my opinion he has avoided these guys [strikers].”

He then backtracked on offering to fight Jake, saying, “I understand Jake is doing a great job and of course I’d like to get an easy money with him, but I have a better challenge for him. Mike Perry, he’s almost the same weight class. Mike Perry is a savage if Jake wants a real fight.”

We’ll have to wait and see if Jake Paul and Costa ever agree to step into the ring together, but it may take some time, as the YouTuber already teased that his next opponent will be a pro boxer.

Until then, only time will tell if Paul improves to 6-0 in October and if Costa’s UFC contract expires, which could end up paving way for match between the two.